Why is it the Big Apple’s cigarette industry is so popular?

Cigarette sales in the United States have boomed in recent years.

But while cigarette manufacturers have been making some of the most successful and successful products in the history of the industry, the American public has largely turned its back on them.

It’s not surprising then that people are starting to switch to cigarettes in record numbers.

According to a new report from Gallup, cigarette sales in 2016 were up 11.7% compared to 2015.

But the new survey found that, despite this increase, the public still preferred to buy cigarettes over alcohol and other tobacco products.

The report also found that American consumers are also increasingly willing to give up cigarettes altogether.

According for Gallup, 41% of Americans said that they were giving up cigarettes in the next year, compared to 28% in 2015.

That means that the U.S. public is giving up on cigarettes altogether, which means that cigarettes are no longer the largest source of revenue for the cigarette industry.

A major reason for the shift away from cigarettes is the increasing number of Americans who smoke regularly, and those who smoke more than once a day.

More Americans smoke cigarettes than ever before, according to a report from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

In 2015, the number of adults who smoked cigarettes more than one time per week surpassed the number who smoked cigars.

In 2016, the two combined accounted for more than 30% of the population, up from around 8% in 2007.

In 2016, Gallup found that smokers in the U, including those who had smoked cigarettes at least once a week for the previous year, were the most likely to quit smoking.

The report also noted that smokers who had never smoked cigarettes before, who were aged 18-49, and were white were more likely to have quit.

The report found that the number and type of cigarettes consumed also plays a role in people quitting smoking.

In fact, nearly one in five smokers in 2016 reported using a cigar in the past month.

A fifth of smokers reported using cigarettes in a year or more.

The researchers also noted a significant correlation between smoking cessation and people having more cigarettes in their homes, indicating that having more smokers in your home can increase your chances of quitting.

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