When you’re not smoking, there’s still a place for you to smoke

The cigarette maker and tobacco giant Philip Morris has just unveiled a new hand holding product, a cigarette holder that can hold a cigarette and a match.

The device is called the Hand Hand Cigarette, and it was created by UK manufacturer, Hand Hand, and manufactured by Philip Morris.

Philip Morris announced the device at the Tobacco Technology Conference, and has already been selling it to customers in the UK.

The hand holding device is designed to be used while smoking and is made of a flexible plastic and a stainless steel base that is designed for the user to fold the cigarette holder when needed.

It is a small and lightweight device that allows users to easily pack the cigarette, match it with their hand, and then hold the cigarette on the hand holding holder when not in use.

The Hand Hand has also been designed to hold a lighter, cigarette, or other item, and is designed so that it can be carried around in a pocket, purse, or carry bag.

The cigarette holder has been made in two versions, one that is made for a user to carry the cigarette in a pouch, and another that is a single cigarette holder.

Both versions are about the same size as a normal cigarette holder, and both versions have a capacity of 30 liters, which is about 10 percent of a standard cigarette holder’s capacity.

The manufacturer is also offering a second version of the Hand-Hand that can be folded down to fit in a purse or carry a small lighter, and will have a lower capacity of 18 liters.

The company says the Hand has an effective smoking time of about 10 minutes and a nicotine content of about 8 percent.

It has been designed specifically for use in the home, which means it is designed and manufactured to be carried in a pack that can fit inside of a pocket or in a bag, and the company has tested the product extensively in the US and in Europe.

Philip Morreors website says the product is currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and South Africa.

The product is also available in several other countries.

There are currently two models available for purchase, the first of which is the Standard version, which comes in two sizes, and which has a capacity that is just over half the standard cigarette smoker’s cigarette holder capacity.

Each model has an integrated light that indicates when the product has been opened and has a large red dot at the top of the display, which indicates the level of nicotine content in the product.

Both the standard and Hand Hand versions are available for $60, but the Hand version is a bit more expensive, $50.

The second Hand- Hand version, the Hand Stand, comes in a single size that is $60 and is available for just over a half of the price of the standard version.

According to the company, the price is comparable to other cigarette smokers’ products.

The brand has not said whether it plans to expand its product line in the future.

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