Cigarette brands: The tobacco in your smoke

By James W. Kale and Roberta R. SmithThe Associated PressIn this Nov. 6, 2017, file photo, a smoker smokes a cigarette.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)By JAMES W. KHALE and ROBERTA R. SMITHAssociated PressCHICAGO (AP) The smoke in your cigarette is coming from the same source that creates the smoke in the cigarette, scientists say.

Nicotine in cigarette smoke is a byproduct of the burning tobacco, so its effects on the lungs and health are a major factor in smoking habits.

Researchers in Europe and Australia found that people who smoked more cigarettes a day had higher levels of nicotine in their lungs.

Nicole G. Williams, a senior research scientist at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Tobacco Research, said that nicotine was the most prevalent toxicant in the smoke, but that it was not the only one.

Nicotoxins are toxic chemicals found in tobacco and are absorbed by the body.

They can also be absorbed through the skin.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), an antioxidant, has been shown to reduce the amount of nicotine found in cigarette butts, Williams said.”NAD increases the surface area of the nicotine molecule in the body, and the nicotine is able to escape from the cells and be excreted in the urine, feces, saliva or skin,” she said.

Williams said the levels of tobacco smoke in smokers’ lungs were similar to levels found in non-smokers.

Smokers who had a lot of nicotine, especially if they smoked for more than 10 hours a day, had higher amounts of nicotine than people who didn’t smoke much.

“If you’re a smoker and you have a lot, you’re going to have more of that nicotine in your body, but you’re not going to be getting the same amount of it in your lungs,” Williams said, adding that more smokers also tend to be older.

Williams and her colleagues studied 10 healthy adults, aged 20 to 35, who participated in a study that was conducted over a period of four weeks.

They found that those who had more than one cigarette daily had more nicotine in the lungs than people with fewer cigarettes.

They also found that smoking more cigarettes was associated with more nicotine than those who were smokers.

Williams told The Associated Press that the tobacco companies should pay more attention to how they use nicotine and that tobacco companies have an obligation to protect the health of their employees and the public.

“They are the main source of nicotine,” she told the AP.

Williams also said the tobacco industry should take more responsibility for what they’re putting in their products and how they’re marketed to consumers.

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