The Latest: Electronic Cigarette Brand Rankings

By Daniel D. BostaphMay 22, 2019 8:58:06The Electronic Cigarettes Industry Association, Inc. (ECIA), a global electronic cigarette industry trade group, released its annual Global Electronic Cigar Brand Rankings this week, ranking the brands that make up the world’s top five electronic cigarette markets, with brands from China leading the pack.

The report ranked e-cigarette companies based on sales volume, retail price and price per unit.

The top five market shares are listed below:Electronic Cigarette Association (ECAA) Global Electronic CIG Brand Rankings1.

Li-ion, New Zealand-based Vape, which has shipped over 2.2 million units in the United States and Canada since 20182.

Vaporesso, which shipped more than 1.4 million units globally in 20183.

E-Lites, which began shipping its e-liquid in November 20184.

Njoy, which recently launched its Vape Juice line5.

Efreet, which started shipping its E-Juice line in April 2019The rankings are based on data collected by the ECIA Global Electronic cigarette Brand Rankings database, which was updated in 2017.

The ECIA defines electronic cigarettes as devices that use electronic technology to deliver nicotine to users in a vaporizer or aerosol form.

The most popular brands are Vaporsmart, E-Cigs and Vapor, which together make up about 50 percent of the market.

ECCI President and CEO Rob Breslow said e-cigarettes have the potential to disrupt traditional cigarette smoking by increasing the number of users who can be monitored by medical experts and help combat the epidemic of tobacco-related disease.

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit by giving them an alternative to conventional cigarettes and can help keep smokers on a healthier path by providing a safe alternative to smoking.

Breslow pointed to the positive effects on health from electronic cigarettes, including less harmful substances, less air pollution, fewer respiratory problems and fewer hospitalizations for heart attacks, strokes and other serious illnesses.

Braslow also said the success of e-cigs could help the cigarette industry become more sustainable.

ETCs, or electronic cigarettes that use liquid nicotine instead of cigarettes, can provide nicotine to smokers, reduce costs, reduce the number and severity of tobacco use and reduce the likelihood of people smoking.

He said eCTAs could be a powerful force for innovation in the industry.

Brent D. McNeill, vice president of research and market research for the ECCIA, said that by focusing on the top five markets and measuring sales volumes, the EIA’s global rankings reflect the industry’s ability to reach new markets.

The ECCAA, based in New York, said the Global Electronic Vapor brand ranks its electronic cigarettes based on four factors: brand quality, price, price per ounce, and volume.

The company attributes its brand rankings to the fact that they are based in the USA and are based only on data from the ECAA Global Electronic Vape Brand Rankings.

The ECIA said the top 10 global brands are:Vaporsmell, a U.S.-based maker of high-end e-liquids, which ships more than 500,000 units annually in the U.K. and Canada5.

Vapex, a Chinese company that has shipped more, more and more e-juices in the past year6.

ELites International, a Japanese company that started shipping in November of 20187.

EFreet, a New Zealand company that began shipping in April of 2019The five ECAA global electronic brand rankings were compiled using data from an internal ECIA database that measures the value of the brands in each market based on the following metrics:Sales Volume, a measure of the number, type and value of e cigarette products sold in a year, including e-cig devices, liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes8.

Retail Price, a number representing the retail price of the e-tobacco products in each country9.

Price per Unit, a measurement of the price per gram of e juice in each e-cart, including liquid nicotine10.

Price Per Unit, the price of a standard 20ml refill of a product from a single brand11.

Retail Per Unit of Nicotine, the value per unit of nicotine in the liquid nicotine product, including vapor, e-colas, electronic cigarettes and e-batteries in each product12.

Volume of sales, a metric measuring how many electronic cigarette products are sold each day13.

Volume Per Unit per Day, a value for each electronic cigarette product per day14.

Retail Volume Per Day, the volume of electronic cigarette sales per day compared to the total number of products sold each year.15.

Price and Volume Per Product, the prices of a typical 20ml of e liquid nicotine in each E-Liquid brand16.

Price, per unit, of a 30ml refill.

The average price per refill of E-Batteries17.

Retail volume per product, the amount of

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