The Worst E-Cigarettes You Should Never Buy

An anonymous Redditor who goes by the name of Bambi submitted a post titled “I would NEVER buy an e-cigarette.”

In it, the poster outlined his rationale for the purchase, writing, “I know the taste and I know the price.

I know I wouldnt get hooked.”

The post has received over 5,500 upvotes and 2,500 comments, with many users arguing that the e-cigarettes were more appealing to him.

However, the post’s author did not stop there.

“I was going to buy a vape pen to try it out,” the post read.

“It would be my first and only e-cig and I dont have a pocket to carry my pens so it wasnt going to be much of a problem.”

However, this post didn’t stop other users from making their own arguments for why they would buy the devices.

One user called the device the “best deal I’ve ever made” and the other user called it “the best e-juice.”

“It’s the best deal I have ever made and I have a big vape pen and i think I will try it for a while,” one user wrote.

Another user called his decision to purchase an e.cigarette a “perfect gift.”

“My life would have been different if I had not gotten hooked on this drug,” another user said.

In addition to his claims that he would never buy an electric cigarette, Bambu claimed that he was “not ready” to give up smoking, claiming that he “wants to do it again.”

He also stated that he is “not in the habit of smoking,” adding that he had “had enough.”

Users who were hesitant to purchase e-cigs have also made their feelings known in various subreddits.

“People say they are sooooooo happy with them,” one post read, adding that “they smell great, and they taste amazing.”

Another user commented that the devices are “sooo nice to hold and vape.”

Some users were quick to point out that these devices are far more affordable than traditional cigarettes, while others argued that they are more dangerous.

“The E-cigarette is the least addictive way to smoke cigarettes,” one Redditor wrote.

“But I am afraid it may cause addiction.

The nicotine can be dangerous and it is harder to control,” another Redditor added.

“Even though I can quit smoking, I don’t know if I will be able to quit drinking.

It is much safer than cigarettes.”

While many users have made their opinions on the devices public, some have also criticized them as “bias” against tobacco.

One Reddit user wrote, “There are some very good arguments that are not being made on the site, which is just wrong.

I wish we had a better way to talk about the subject.

This is just a shame.”

The comments section on this post has also seen some debate as to whether the devices should be classified as tobacco products or not.

While many Reddit users have defended the devices as “nicotine free,” others have stated that they “wouldnt want to inhale that kind of stuff.”

Another commenter, named mr_shane, commented, “it isnt fair that people have to buy an expensive e-liquid when they can buy something that isnt a toxic product.

But they dont have to.

They just have to make a choice.”

The question of whether the ecigarettes are tobacco products also came up during the subreddit’s Ask Me Anything section.

“Are they tobacco?” one user asked.

“Yes, they are,” another responded.

“E-cigarettes are the same as cigarettes, they’re just a bit cheaper,” a third user replied.

“If I can find a cheaper way to get my nicotine fix, that’s a good thing,” a fourth user added.

A number of users also weighed in on whether they felt that the “e-cig culture” is changing.

“This isnt really the culture of cigarettes anymore,” one Reddit user commented.

“They are getting very sick of the e cigs.

People are starting to think of e-smokers as drug addicts.”

“I am not buying a vape because of the smell,” another Reddit user responded.

Another Redditor went as far as to say that “we are living in the worst e-smoking culture ever.”

However “e” is not the only word for e-vapor.

Another Reddit user, named K.B., shared that he uses “a lot of different types of e liquid,” adding, “The smell is the worst.”

“There is a difference between e-pipes and e-liquids,” another redditor wrote, adding, “[T]he e-puff is better for the body than the ejuice, but I still like them.”

Another Redditer went on to say, “If you want to make sure that you arent getting sick of your nicotine, you should get your e-dill instead.”

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