‘E-cigarettes are like crack’: How the tobacco industry is changing Britain

A new survey of smokers by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has found that the popularity of e-cigarettes has fallen significantly in recent years.

Around a third of the 3,500 respondents said they stopped using them in recent months.

“E-cigarette users are finding that the convenience and nicotine of e cigarettes have become less and less accessible, so it’s making it hard for them to make the switch to tobacco-free alternatives,” said Tom Crouch, campaign director for the campaign.

The survey found that a third said they had switched to vaping, and almost half said they would use e-cigarette in the future.

It also found that e-cig users are more likely to use nicotine replacement therapy, which is a form of smoking cessation.

About a third have used nicotine replacement in the past month, the study found.

It found that nearly half of e‐cigarette users were in their late 20s, 30s and 40s, and one in five said they were 40.

The study also found many people were turning to the devices to replace traditional cigarettes.

About 18% of those surveyed said they planned to stop using traditional cigarettes and switch to e-cigs.

About two-thirds said they plan to start vaping.

One in five respondents said it was “not feasible” for them either to stop smoking traditional cigarettes or to start using e-liquids.

They were more likely than others to say they would start vaping when they started their second or third cigarette, said Dr Tom Kelleher, a professor of public health at the University of Birmingham.

More on the tobacco epidemic:”

They are a much more effective alternative to traditional cigarettes, and there is also evidence that they can help people quit smoking altogether.”

More on the tobacco epidemic:

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