Month: September 2021

What you need to know about the tobacco products you can buy from the states with the lowest rates of e-cigarette sales

Tobacco companies have a strong interest in limiting the availability of e­cigarettes.The nicotine and other ingredients in the devices are highly addictive and may be hard to detect, as are the chemicals used to produce them.Many states prohibit them outright.They’re also subject to strict health and safety regulations that can make it hard for smokers […]

How to Avoid Smoking While Driving

Car Smoking is one of the most common causes of death in the US, and is the third leading cause of injury and death among young adults.But it’s not a new phenomenon.In the 1930s, American car manufacturers used to advertise the fact that they had the safest car in the world, because they used “car-free” […]

When is the next Japanese electronic cigarette going to hit the market?

Newport, Queensland (AFP) – Japanese cigarette makers have promised to roll out the world’s first fully electronic cigarette by the end of 2020.But the move has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters in the West, with a leading global e-cigarette brand warning that it is a “ludicrously ambitious target” that could put Japanese consumers […]

How to avoid smoking in public: the science

You’ve probably heard that smoking is bad for you, and you’re not alone.We know from experience that smoking can damage your health, and that’s why it’s important to quit.But there’s more to it than that.What about the health effects of smoking in the workplace?Well, the science is pretty clear on this.According to the World Health […]

The tobacco industry is using weed to cash in on the rising popularity of smoking in the US

A US-based tobacco company is using the rise in popularity of marijuana smoking as a marketing ploy to make more money.The tobacco industry and the cannabis industry are at odds over whether marijuana should be legalised in the United States.On Tuesday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the United State does not currently have a […]

Australian tobacco company says it’s now banning ‘tobacco beetles’

The Australian Tobacco Company has been accused of using a “tobacconist” to “de-tobaccize” cigarettes and has banned the use of tobacco beetles in cigarettes, a move which will hit the industry hard.Key points:The company’s CEO says it will be “unfair” to the Australian tobacco industry to allow “tweed” to continue to exist in the cigarette […]

Why do American Spirits have such a bad reputation?

The company says the cigarette and cigar are both made from virgin tobacco but they’re different because they’re lighter.“The American Spirits brand is a pure product of tobacco and not a product of any other tobacco,” it said.It’s a claim the American Tobacco Association, the American Cancer Society, and others say is misleading. “We are […]

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