Australian tobacco company says it’s now banning ‘tobacco beetles’

The Australian Tobacco Company has been accused of using a “tobacconist” to “de-tobaccize” cigarettes and has banned the use of tobacco beetles in cigarettes, a move which will hit the industry hard.

Key points:The company’s CEO says it will be “unfair” to the Australian tobacco industry to allow “tweed” to continue to exist in the cigarette market despite its banThe company says the move will help protect its brand name and brand imageThe company has already removed “tarijuana” from its products, but has said it will “continue to de-tobe” the plant once the ban is liftedThe company, which owns Australia’s largest tobacco company, has issued a statement saying it will now “dismantle” tobacco beetles and will use “a tobacco beetle de-botcher” to stop their use.

“The Australian tobacco market is one of the most important in the world and it is our responsibility to keep it as healthy as possible,” CEO Steve Wetherspoon said.

“In the absence of further research, we will continue to de-(tobocconist) cigarettes and remove tobacco beetles from the product and/or the packaging.”

The company said it would be “totally unfair” to cigarette makers and consumers to allow tobacco beetles to “continue existing in the Australian cigarette market” in the face of the ban.

“We have a clear mandate to support the Australian industry, and as such we have de-branded tobacco products,” the statement said.’

We are looking at every avenue’The statement said the company was “evaluating all our options”.

“We are in the process of exploring all options and will have more to say in due course,” it said.

But the Australian Tobacco Association (ATA) called the decision “unreasonable”.

“The ATCA has long been committed to protecting the health of Australian smokers and we believe that tobacco beetles have no place in the tobacco market,” the ATCI said.

The ATSI also questioned why tobacco beetles were not banned already, as the beetles were “an iconic and significant tobacco product”.

“There is nothing to suggest that the ATSA is trying to take advantage of the Australian public by banning these species, as it has no current plans to do so,” it added.’

It’s a bit like a bomb’The Australian Taxation Office said the ban on tobacco beetles will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and the company would be required to show that it had “no significant impact” on the company’s sales.

“Any tobacco beetle ban will need to be evaluated on a rolling basis, with an assessment made on a ‘case-by‑case’ basis to ensure it is a sensible and effective measure,” it told

“While it is common practice in tobacco control, it is not appropriate to ban a product because of the presence of tobacco beetle.”

It added the company could face legal action.

“It is our position that the Australian Tax Office is a court and it does not need to determine the legal position of the tobacco industry,” it stated.

The Australian Tobacco and Cigarette Association has previously called for the ban to be lifted, saying it had not been “tried and tested”.

“While there is no reason why the Australian Government should not consider an outright ban on the use or production of tobacco in Australia, it would have to be proven that this is a good measure for the tobacco sector, and that it is safe and effective,” the association said.

AUSTRALIAN TRADE BANKS CEO: ‘We are going to work with the Government to get rid of the [tobaco) beetle’Key points :The Australian Trade and Investment Commission has asked the Australian government to investigate the impact of the ATO’s decision on Australian businessThe Australian National University has said the tobacco beetle decision is a “bureaucratic nightmare”The tobacco industry is “willing to work closely with the AUSTRALIAN TRADE AND INVESTMENT COMMISSION to explore all legal avenues to protect the Australian market”, ATSC chairman Tony Ritchie said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it had also been approached by the ATP and had been informed of the decision.

“As the regulator, we are going the extra mile to ensure that the consumer is protected and the health and safety of Australians is safeguarded,” the spokesperson said.”[The ATP] have already agreed to work collaboratively with the ACCC to find a solution.”

The Australian Competition Commission said the ATA was “wilfully ignoring” the law, and said it was “reviewing its processes to ensure any further action is in the best interests of consumers”.

“Given the urgency of the situation, we must now look at our legal options to protect consumers and ensure that our consumer protections are fully

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