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How to choose the best cigarette holder

Some of Australia’s top brands are on sale for the first time this year, with some of the country’s best-known brands on sale in the state’s retail outlets.Key points:Cigarette holders can be used as an electronic cigarette to puff on the goThe state is the latest in the US to introduce the devices, with other […]

What you need to know about the tobacco products you can buy from the states with the lowest rates of e-cigarette sales

Tobacco companies have a strong interest in limiting the availability of e­cigarettes.The nicotine and other ingredients in the devices are highly addictive and may be hard to detect, as are the chemicals used to produce them.Many states prohibit them outright.They’re also subject to strict health and safety regulations that can make it hard for smokers […]

How to avoid smoking in public: the science

You’ve probably heard that smoking is bad for you, and you’re not alone.We know from experience that smoking can damage your health, and that’s why it’s important to quit.But there’s more to it than that.What about the health effects of smoking in the workplace?Well, the science is pretty clear on this.According to the World Health […]


The Virginia Slims Cigarette Company is offering free online ordering for all new smokers.VSC announced the partnership with Smoke-Free Virginia earlier this month.It will be a one-time offer and will last through June 10, 2018.Smoke-Free Va.Cigars offers free delivery of its online order and its regular cigar package.The online order is available at, and […]

Best E Cigarette Brands 2018

By Brand – Best Cigarette Brand Best tasting cigarettes, best selling brands and the best sellers.Best selling brands are the best selling in a particular category. For example, if you want to know if the best tasting cigarette is the Best tasting cigarettes in the  Best smoking accessories category, then you would find the Brand of Cigarette Best Cigarette in […]

What is a coupon? – Mashable

What is an online cigarette coupon?That’s the question asked in Mashable’s latest survey of online coupon sales, with an average online cigarette shop selling more than 1 million coupons a month.That’s an increase of almost 3 million over the last year.The survey also found that consumers are increasingly willing to pay for online cigarettes as […]

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