How to beat the vape industry’s marketing tactics

Best electronic cigarette (e-cig) manufacturers have been using clever tactics to lure smokers to their products.In an attempt to get people to buy their products, some companies have offered discounts on purchases and offered promotions.In some cases, e-cig companies have even made it easy for people to switch from smoking to vaping.In this guide, we […]

What is a coupon? – Mashable

What is an online cigarette coupon?That’s the question asked in Mashable’s latest survey of online coupon sales, with an average online cigarette shop selling more than 1 million coupons a month.That’s an increase of almost 3 million over the last year.The survey also found that consumers are increasingly willing to pay for online cigarettes as […]

The best cigarettes for a less expensive cigarette

The best smokes for less are all in the Camel Blue category, according to a new study.The study, which looked at more than 10,000 cigarette brands, found that Camel Blue and other premium brands are “more affordable and less likely to be replaced by cheaper alternatives,” according to the New York Times. “The study found that […]

Cigarette companies spend millions on marketing, advertisements

Cigarette brands like Altria, Philip Morris and Altria were able to capitalize on the popularity of vaping products like the vape pen and the e-cigarette to create huge advertising campaigns in 2015.They were able, in part, by leveraging their brand name on new products like e-cigarettes, which are still considered less socially acceptable than cigarettes, […]

How to stop the habit of buying tobacco and other tobacco products

The new cigarette advertising campaign aims to cut the cost of smoking, even though it may be hard to do.Nicotine in cigarette packs has been removed from the packaging of tobacco products, but the campaign still urges consumers to “get your fill” with the new tobacco-free packaging, which is made from a new polymer that […]

The Best Cigarette Vending Machines in New York City

New York has its own version of the Big Apple’s vending machines.The Big Apple, as you probably know, has its vending machines located in the Manhattan district of Brooklyn, with its own distinctive flavor and aroma.The vending machines are also known as cigarette vending machines, and they’re everywhere, from high school football games to the […]

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