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Philip Morris to launch e-cigarette in Japan

JAPANESE cigarettes will be available in Japan in the coming months, as the Japanese tobacco giant Philip Morris Tobacco Company announces plans to launch an e-cigarettes e-cigarette business.The announcement comes a week after Japan’s health ministry announced it would ban the sale of e-cigs in public places, a move that has prompted calls from local […]

‘E-cigarettes are like crack’: How the tobacco industry is changing Britain

A new survey of smokers by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has found that the popularity of e-cigarettes has fallen significantly in recent years.Around a third of the 3,500 respondents said they stopped using them in recent months.“E-cigarette users are finding that the convenience and nicotine of e cigarettes have become less and less accessible, […]

New York City approves new rules for electronic cigarettes

New York, New York –  The New York State legislature approved new electronic cigarette regulations on Monday that will allow users to vape and consume their e-cigarette devices at work, in public places and at bars and restaurants.The legislation was passed on a party-line vote with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against.The bill […]

‘E-cigarette’ holder pleads guilty to selling tobacco

A New Jersey man who allegedly sold thousands of cigarettes has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute tobacco products and obstruction of interstate commerce.James Edward DeBerg, 51, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cigarettes, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.DeBerg is expected to […]

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